The IndoDev 2013

The Indonesia Mobile Developers MeetUp Competition

The IndoDev MeetUp competition is an event that aimed to facilitate and gathering between angel investors, developers and entrepreneurs on IT applications in Indonesia. Not only networking become the main essence of the MeetUp, we have sharing knowledge session with IT experts and any technology enthusiast. The winner of this prize will be given the opportunity to pitch their startup as a winnerfor present their applications in front of angel investors / venture capitalis in the US include roundtrip to Silicon Valley.


Mr. John Davies & Mr. Suryatin (former Director of Telkom) share their knowledge with audience

The competition itself has been held twice, in 2012 and 2013 (re-direct to the next post). The first competition presented byIndoDev with one of start-up incubator in Bandung, called Bandung Digital valley. Attended by more than 200 participants with four start-ups compete as finalists. Include three start-ups present their mobile gaming applications and one with healthcare applications.

The IndoDev Event 2

Investment expert and technology enthusiast panelists are include our guest speaker John Davis, CEO and founder of Rockliffe Systems and Igusti Manik as a fouder of the Indodev did fairly rigorous assessment because each application has its own uniqueness, educational games from Ulin Gameworks, history of Indonesia with a very attractive package from Garuda Indonesia and healthcare applications which help to analyzing the person’s health condition in real time and can share that information to relatives, and the patient’s physician specialized health through social networks.

The IndoDev Event 2Mr. John Davies , Miss Igusti Manik with NewBee Team as Winner

At the end AortaLife as an app from Newbee are chosen as the winner and get the prize to visit Silicon Valley for a week (April 14-22, 2013) with diverse agenda as follows:

  1. Tour to big IT companies (Facebook , Google, Yahoo HP) and Sillicon Valley sightseeing (Golden  Bridge, Lombard street, Union Square, Computer history Museum and much more)

Tour Big IT company

Visit Facebook, Google ,Yahoo and Apple Inc Office

2. Meet with one or two Venture Capitalist (Investors) and opportunity to present AortaLife

Meet Mr.PeterPresentation AortaLife to Mr.Peter Redford

Meeting with Mr. Martin

Presentation AortaLife to Mr.Martin Serota

3. Attend  several meet up event

Attend MeetUp

Attend Meet Up “ The Future Of Diagnostic – Consumer Driven Medical Facts “


About Newbee

Newbee.Corp is a member of a startup incubator Bandung Digital Valley and has won several awards from their work, such as:

  1. Winner of “Android Mobile Apps Competition” at Bandung Digital Valley
  2. Winner “Sang Penemu” in the event of TVRI TV station
  3. Finalist INAICTA ( Indonesia ICT Award 2013 )
  4. Winner of INCREFEST ( Industry Creative Festival )
  5. Taiwan Innoserve 2013